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Top words used in Glamour Magazine

Description: Dataset is only a partial subset of content (Glamour API), including only the Dressed blog posts from the Fashion section during the last 3 years, approx 7,000 documents.

Understanding words used can help publishers better tailor content to their audience, or help designers better market their products.

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Tweets by Location

Description: Dataset is only a partial subset of tweets made during NYFW that show geo coordinates. People talk about fashion from all over the world!

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Language Comparison

Description: Based on users' specified default language for their Twitter profiles, the dataset was grouped into two categories according to the ISO 639-1. English (en) and non-English groups are represented. The map highlights where English is the dominant spoken language in a country.

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Instagram Analysis

Description: Demonstration showing how one can automatically pull images using the Instagram API and applying a Python scientific computing package scikit-image for data analysis.

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